SmartWater technology deters burglars in Boynton

Posted at 11:14 PM, Jun 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-03 04:22:37-04

It's proven to keep criminals out of your home if you use it inside your home. Boynton Beach police have expanded their SmartWater program to 55 communities and they are seeing the number of burglaries decrease 60 to 70 percent in some neighborhoods.

To the average person, seeing the SmartWater stickers on a homeowner's window may not mean much, but for Ira Rozensweig it's a do not enter sign for criminals eyeing his home.

"Well you always hear about break-ins and whether it’d be day time or night time and that concerns me," said Rozensweig.

Ira is big on crime prevention. He patrols is neighborhood as a volunteer for the Boynton Beach police Department. By putting up the SmartWater sign on his window, he's letting criminals knows that all the valuables inside this home are coded with SmartWater.

"Upon scanning the smart water it illuminates a bright green," said Officer Rita Swan with the Crime Prevention Unit of the Boynton Beach Police Department.

Officer Swan says SmartWater is a forensic solution made up of earth minerals and water than can only be seen under a special UV light.

"Each batch is individual. So, it’s kind of like adding your DNA or fingerprint to your personal property," added Officer Swan.

The DNA code in the SmartWater matches the homeowner's registration form. If Ira's TV or other valuables were stolen and ended up at a Pawn Shop, everything could be traced back to him.

"It's very important in the event that God forbid something happened, there's a good chance we’ll get it back," added Rozensweig.

Boynton Beach Police say since SmartWater was implemented burglaries have down down by 74 percent in the Boynton Lakes North neighborhood, decreased by 75 percent at Seacrest Estates and gone down by at least 60 percent in the Meadows subdivisions. Officer Swan says it's all because criminals know whatever they steal in a SmartWater neighborhood can be found.

"Having the decals present may be enough for you to never have to make that insurance claim," added Officer Swan.

Police have implemented the program in 55 communities and plan to continue expanding. To find out how you can start using SmartWater, contact the department's Crime Prevention Unit.