Boynton Beach police release surveilance video of barber shop burglary, 3 other businesses also hit

Posted at 10:33 PM, Apr 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-25 00:39:11-04

Boynton Beach police released surveillance video of a burglary at a local barber shop and believe the burglars in the video are also responsible for breaking into three other businesses that same morning.

Covered from head to toe, two people are seen breaking into No Limit Kutz Barber shop on West Boynton Beach Boulevard on April 14.

The crooks went straight for the register and took 120 dollars. It appears the second burglar is holding a gun as he walks up to the counter.

"I hate to see it, it's just crazy," said Terrell Bridges, owner of No Limit Kutz.

Bridges just opened the shop six months ago. The break-in cost him at least 500 dollars in repairs.

"Just trying to feed my family, opened up a business and then somebody comes and do this, it's just crazy," added Bridges.

That same morning, police believe the burglars smashed their way into three other businesses all within a mile from each other.

"This door right here was smashed in," explained Joseph Polimeni, co-owner of Dean Anthony's Pizzeria in Boynton Beach.

There was no money in the register at the restaurant on Congress avenue. The owners have added surveillance cameras.

"It's unfortunate that somebody would do that to four local businesses that are obviously mom and pop run," said Polimeni.

Renzo's Cafe and Pizzeria on West Boynton Beach Boulevard and Wing Wah Express Congress Avenue were also broken into. Police say only about 100 dollars was stolen at each business.

From now on, Bridges won't leave any money in his register and has added more cameras with sensors. He just hopes someone who knows something will come forward.

"They'll keep doing it until they get caught," added Bridges.

You can give police information anonymously by using the My PD app on your phone or going to the Boynton Beach Police website.