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Boynton Beach Police Department investigating 15 weekend car break-ins

Posted at 11:00 PM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 04:27:49-04

Car burglars were busy in Boynton Beach this weekend where police are investigating 15 break-ins since Friday.

Lindy Jenkins’ husband had his $500 weed wacker taken after someone smashed their passenger side window. 

“It is a paycheck. It helped pay the bills,” she said about the gardening tool.
Raymond Kane had $10 in cash, glasses and a sentimental pen knife stolen.

“What bothers me most about that is, how did they get in?” Kane said. 

A minivan owner is missing their wallet and found their passenger window smashed. 

The Boynton Beach Police Department says nearly all 15 break ins happened to cars that had been unlocked. 

“That’s not right. No way. Too many things going on. Too much problems. You never know who’s going to walk in and out, try to steal things and see if your doors are open,” said Mary Oliva. Three of her neighbors were hit. 

Kane said he thinks someone picked his locks to get in. 

“(The criminals) take this stuff down to the pawn shop and get a couple bucks and get high for the nights. I feel sorry for them. I mean, that’s some sort of a helluva way to live,” he said. 

Lindy discovered her broken window right before she went to church Sunday. 

“It’s ridiculous. You work so hard for things you need to work with and people just come along and don’t think nothing about no body else’s property and they just take it,” she said. 

Police haven’t said if any or all of the 15 break-ins are connected.

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