Boynton Beach Commissioners vote 3-2 to keep red light cameras

Posted at 12:11 AM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 00:47:26-04

Red light cameras are not going dark in Boynton Beach. It's the only city in Palm Beach County actively using the cameras and commissioners gave the green light to keep the cameras on. 

We've all cringed watching the red light camera videos on Boynton Beach Police's Facebook page. Every now and then the department posts dangerous red light violations at local intersections. 

"There's no excuse for not stopping at the lights, where is everybody going?" asked Charles Kanter who says he's seen the red light runners on the road. 

Kanter is glad Boynton Beach commissioners voted to keep the cameras. 

"The law says when the light turns yellow do not put the pedal to the metal," added Kanter.

Commissioner Joe Casello and Vice-Mayor Mack McCray voted against the red light cameras. They referenced residents' fears coming through the intersections and their concerns over the hefty violation fines. 

"It was tough, the commission their torn and I get it. The fines are expensive. I don’t make the fines. The legislature makes the fines," said Sergeant Philip Hawkins with the Boynton Beach Police Department.

Sergeant Hawkins says the program does more good than harm. In the last year crashes at red light camera intersections have gone down 51 percent. Sergeant Hawkins credits the cameras. 

"I think it keeps the community safe, slows people down," he added.

Others like 85-year-old Herb Suss are afraid of getting hit if they brake hard on yellow. 

"I get nervous with cars pulling up in back of me," said Suss.

He remains skeptical about the cameras. 

"There's other cities that have given it up. There’s got to be a good reason for it," he added.