Top 5 ways to organize to save time and money

Posted at 11:00 PM, Mar 07, 2016

Many of us often say if we just had a little more time or a little more money, we'd really get things accomplished.

If you've ever found yourself saying this, maybe you need to organize certain things to make that happen.

Unorganized people come from all backgrounds.

"People that are hoarders, all the way up to people that are very organized but are missing some time management skills to be better organized," says professional organizer Michelle Worthington.

Worthington says getting it all together is easier than you think, and here's five ways to prove it:

1. Get your mail together

Is your mail pile a mess with important and non-urgent bills alike?

"Your method of where these piles are, that's not transferable to the mindset or skill of somebody else in your household," said Worthington.

A study show 23 percent of adults pay bills late and catch late fees because they can't find their bills.
Separate the bills that need immediate attention from the ones that have a later due date.

2.  An organized closet

Ladies, you might not want to hear this, but if you have a shoe rack instead of a messy pile of shoes, you're seven times more likely to show up to work on time.

Worthington said, "Some people like to plan their wardrobe based on their shoes. If your shoes aren't organized, and that's the last thing you're going to find, you may have to change your shoes more than once."

3. Meal planning

If possible, eat Sunday evening dinner together as a household and talk about the meals you want that week.

Worthington says use the app Cozi to make planning easier.

4. Work leaving time

If you have a strong "end of work day" routine, it will help your productivity during the day.

“Put everything away nicely and neatly (and the end of the day.) You want to give yourself a little bit of time at the end of the day, but that's going to make things that much better when you walk into the workspace the next day," said Worthington.

5. iPhone timing

Are you the type that reacts to every alert on your phone?

Take 30-minute chunks to read, reply to emails.

Don't reply to every email as soon as you get it all day long.

"Who's that really helping? That's going to be a delayed decision that you then have to go back on and open up the email, sit and take the time to respond to it later," said Worthington.