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Signs warn of animal killings in West Boca Raton

Posted at 4:42 PM, Mar 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-30 07:17:05-04

Signs in a West Boca Raton neighborhood are warning people that someone is killing cats. 

The signs are posted in Palmetto Pines, the woman who posted them said her cat, Kity, died after someone pour acid on her.

Kity had come home after being outside for a few hours and her owner, Dorothy Messina, said she knew something was wrong right away.  

“She was full of dirt, the front of her was full of dirt, and her hair was just falling off in sheets,” said Messina. 

Her husband rushed her to the vet, but Messina said it was too late.

 “By the time she got there, her ribs were all exposed, I mean everything was just gone so they just put her to sleep, there was no way to save her.” 

The vet told the Messina’s this was the second cat that came into their office like that. Messina said she wanted to make sure everyone knew what happened and posted the sings around the neighborhood. 

“It is really a vicious thing, it is terrible,” said neighbor Deb McCollum. 

Deb and her husband Pete have two cats, they said they are taking the signs seriously since they have an adventurous cat.  

“Whe is the one we really worry about, the one that goes outside,” said Pete McCollum. 

Messina said the loss of Kity has been hard, she carries her picture around with her all the time. She is hoping that her signs might help catch who poured acid on her cat. 

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control said they are investigating.