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Local WWII veteran supports ban on assault weapons

Posted at 11:26 PM, Feb 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 12:58:20-05

The voice of young people has been loud after the Parkland massacre. Across generations, even from our oldest, The Greatest Generation joining in, in support. 

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Carl Arfa has seen a lot in his day.

“This sword,” he told us touring his house, “I took for an SS officer that was given to him by Adolf Hitler.”

He helped defeat the Nazis in World War II. 

“Sixty million were killed because of this symbol,” he said, holding up a Nazi flag he brought home after the war to show his dad. He keeps it to show people the power of hate to promote love.

The victory came with a heavy burden. 

“I carried a machine gun, and a bazooka. The machine gun raised havoc and killed people that I think about today. That was 70 years ago. I dream about it,” he said. “I never will forget that horror. Never will forget it, Andrew. The horror is beyond belief that it is so easy to kill people and somebody is crying about the people that you killed.”

After the Parkland massacre, he wrote this letter in support of an assault-style weapon ban. 

“Nobody needs an AR-15…nobody. I defy anybody to give me one reason why they need an AR-15 and I’ve heard stories ‘oh we’re protecting our family.’  Protecting them from what?  From another AR-15.”

In Carl’s office, you can see all the awards that he earned for his efforts during the war, but right next to those awards are pictures of all of his grandkids. He supports what teenagers today are saying and doing to prevent another school shooting.

“These kids, God bless them, I heard him say it, 17-years-old yesterday, say we are going to Washington. Boy, if I wasn’t 93 and couldn’t walk, I would go with them,” he said

Carl hopes his pen, this time, can prove more powerful than the sword. 

Here is Carl’s full letter:

“As a Veteran I could talk about the horrors of World War II and the 60 million people that died there, I would like to take a minute, and talk about the horrors of Parkland, Newton and the others.

For many years I carried a machine gun, a bazooka and other weapons of mass destruction. I fully understand what can be created with these kind of weapons, and I never forgot the horror that I was involved in. I don’t understand how a person who can’t buy a beer can buy a machine-gun. As a nation we allow this to happen, no longer can we stand silent because from Columbine, Parkland, from sister churches, injuries from gun violence, all keep mounting. Reform must come from the government because we as concerned people know what has to be done.

Legislators must now come forward, with an environment of safety and comfort in this country of ours. I have two grandchildren going to school in Boca Raton and my concern for their safety is primary. The tears that were shed this week is beyond belief and I for one will not support any politician that does not support legislation to permanently ban the sale of assault weapons, these are weapons of war exclusively.

How can we allow such horror to continue with blame being bandied around by everyone from the president to the FBI and  down. It’s time for the American people to stand up and be counted. I would suggest that 1 million kids boycott school on a Monday or the day that they travel to Washington. It appears that our country only knows that with a million children and their parents showing their power we might be lucky enough to have this horror eliminated.

How can our politicians accept money, in the millions of dollars to support an organization that has continually supported the death of the women, men, and  children. 

Thank you for allowing me to make this comment about these horrible events and God willing, these tragedies will be eliminated in the very near future.”