Family slams sentence, plea agreement, in DUI manslaughter case

Posted at 11:38 AM, Jan 04, 2017

A family of a DUI manslaughter victim says justice was not served in the case involving their loved one.

They were in court Wednesday morning for the sentencing of Drew Blazure, the man charged with hitting and killing Tim Van Orden.

Van Orden was run over and killed August 2013 in Boca Raton. Police say Blazure ran over Van Orden and left the scene.

Wednesday, a judge sentenced Blazure to 364 days in jail and 6 years probation.

The family of the victim say defendants in similar cases serve at least four years, but the state stood by its deal citing several reasons including conflicting statements from witnesses who say Blazure wasn't their guy.

The family strongly refuted those claims saying that state failed to build a strong case against their son's killer. The family now says intimidation was used in to force them to take the plea.

"There was never a plea conference, I was told after the plea was already made," Van Orden's mother Lorraine Prescott said. "(They) left me out. I mean for crying out loud, my son's body was left in the road in three pieces, how many pieces did he get it in to get justice?"

The state maintains there was no real witness to the incident and says this was the best plea they could negotiate. A spokesman says the family was always included during plea negotiations and says they can not comment further since this is an active case.

The family says they plan to file a complaint against Judith Arco, the Assistant State Attorney handling the case.