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Driveway dispute in Boca Raton causes standoff with Palm Beach County

Resident says driveway permitted 25 years ago
Boca Raton pavement controversy
Posted at 3:43 PM, Mar 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-08 17:54:33-05

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Homeowners in Boca Raton tried Monday to stop the county from ripping up a piece of their driveway.

The controversy happened at the Boca del Mar neighborhood.

Representatives with Palm Beach County said workers cut out part of a homeowner's driveway because it was not supposed to be located there.

The caused some homeowners to try and stop the work from happening.

Gary Lustburg and his wife, driveway ripped up on sidewalk
Gary Lustburg and his wife said the driveway has been paved like this for years before the county decided to cut out the portion that wasn't on their property.

"Everybody got into a standoff," resident Gary Lustburg said.

He said some people moved their cars into their driveways to stop the work. They said their driveway has been paved like this for years.

"We had no idea. We have never been cited," Lustburg's wife said.

The Lustburgs said one of the reasons they are frustrated is their driveway was permitted in 2016.

"Our driveway was permitted 25 years ago," said resident Megan Garber.

Garber said their driveway has been like this for decades.

Megan Garber, Boca Raton resident whose driveway was ripped out by county
Megan Garber says her driveway was permitted 25 years ago before the county took action Monday.

"I don't understand why when we have a valid permit they are coming and ripping up our driveways," Garber said.

County officials said the section of the sidewalk does not belong to the homeowner and is county property. They did not clarify the permits, which approved the pavers in the driveway.

"So, they have been making the same mistake for the last 25 years?" Lustburg asked.

The neighbors finally moved their cars Monday when the Palm Beach County Sheriff's was called to assist the county and said the residents' cars would be towed if they were not moved.

The county will now replace the pavers in the driveways with cement.

"It is just not right," Lustburg's wife said.