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Boca Raton homeowners fight for property, LWWD offers compromise

Posted at 6:37 PM, Jun 13, 2018

Some Boca Raton homeowners who have been fighting for their property were offered a compromise. 

A group of homeowners who live on Sabal Palm Lake learned they were going to lose dozens of feet in their backyard due to the Lake Worth Drainage District working on flood control on the L-49 canal. 

During the district’s board meeting, homeowners gave emotional pleas and showed anger about the proposed plan. 

“This is really wrong,” said one homeowner. 

“It is a safety issue for everybody, we had a category one or less and yet we had 500 trees fall in our right of way,” said the district’s Director of Operations Tommy Strowd. 

Those who live on the north side of Sabal Palm lake live in the right of way of the L-49 canal. Originally, the district was going to take 40 feet of easement on each property, any vegetation, fences, or sheds had to be removed in that 40 feet. The district came back with a proposal and said they would allow new fences and vegetation 20 feet from the shore line. Homeowners would have to pay a $500 one-time fee to build in the easement. 

“It is going to be charging us for our own property,” said Mike Jurus, he said he is not for the new proposal and doest’ want to give up any of his backyard. 

Others said they might be willing to compromise with the district.

“I can see the direction things are going, I am hopeful, I think we can reach compromise all the way around,” said Bill Miller. 

The district has delayed any work on the canal and right of way, they said negotiations will take place over the next 30 days and they hope to reach a solution by their next board meeting on July 11.