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Boca Bowl Buzz: Impact of FAU's success on football field

Posted at 12:14 AM, Dec 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-20 00:23:32-05

McKensie Newton and Courtney Williams are juniors at FAU. They tried buying student section tickets for the Boca Bowl on game-day. 
“We were like okay, everyone’s away on winter break so it should be easy to get seats. Nope. Sold out,” McKensie said. 
They’re proud members of a new phenomenon in southern Palm Beach county. 
“They call it the “Lane Train,” McKensie said, showing off the back of her shirt.
It’s a tribute to first year head coach Lane Kiffin. 
John Hansen graduated in 2012 from FAU. 
“We tried to go to as many as possible, like a couple. But this season, since Kiffin has gotten here, I haven’t missed a game this season,” John said. 
McKensie and Courtney have been to The Irishmen, a sports bar that’s about a 10-minute walk from FAU’s football stadium, a handful of times starting this season. 

“They’re always showing the games here, it’s really nice,” McKensie said. 

“We’re loaded for bear tonight. We got a full staff on,” said Rossa Flood, the owner of The Irishmen. “This year, with Coach Kiffin being in town, FAU has been a completely different kettle of fish.”

“So you’re talking every Saturday, home or away, (business is) 200% up, which has been a real winner for us,” Rossa said.

Onboard the Lane Train, pride and confidence. 
“When I go to work and stuff, being able to represent FAU and actually people going ‘oh hey you went to FAU?’ Instead of being like ‘FAU who?’” John said. 
“It’s really nice to come to school, like ‘oh you go to FAU?’ Like their football team is doing really well. ‘I’m like yeah it’s exciting,’” McKensie said. 

FAU beat Akron 50-3 at the Boca Bowl.