Alexis Garcia, 20, charged with recording women in FAU bathroom, confessed to recording 7 women

Posted at 8:48 PM, Nov 29, 2016

Florida Atlantic University police arrested a man caught recording a woman in a bathroom stall on campus last week.

A police report says Alexis Garcia, 20, confessed to the video voyeurism and had videos of 7 other women he had recorded in the last three weeks.

The police report does not name which bathroom or in what building the recordings took place. It says Garcia would put his cell phone underneath a stall and record women occupying the stall.

Police said the seven videos on his phone show five to 15 second recordings of women taking off their pants on three separate occasions in the last three weeks. 

"I thought maybe the university would have sent something out just as a warning," said Teanna Gillingham, a student at FAU. 

The report says Garcia was caught on Nov. 23 when a woman saw him in the women's bathroom possibly recording her.

An officer asked Garcia to come out of a locked stall, the report says when Garcia did not obey the officer's commands, the officer kicked down the stall door. 

"That's not okay, why is there a guy in the women's bathroom recording us use the bathroom," said Isabella Calvigo, a freshman at FAU. 

For parents like Donna Harold, who is also a high school teacher, it's just as infuriating to learn that the university has not released a notice about the incident. 

"I can't imagine that the school would not somehow tell people. Either put up a flyer or something in the restroom somewhere on campus to tell them to be on alert," said Harold. 

We have reached out to the media spokespersons for the university and asked if Garcia is a student, employee, or was trespassing on campus. We have also asked why students say they did not receive any alert about the incident. 

Garcia is charged with video voyeurism and resisting an officer without violence. We made contact with his father who has referred us to their attorney.