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94-year-old woman hears from hero who saved her from submerged car

Posted at 4:42 PM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-26 21:15:52-04

The search is over for the hero who saved a 94-year-old woman's life. The Boca Raton woman says she finally found the man who rescued her when she unknowingly drove her car into a lake on Saturday. 

Alice Modine got a call from a family member Friday morning with good news, a friend of a friend of a friend got in touch with her hero. 

"I was hoping....that somebody would see something and the news would trickle back to him," said Alice. 

The man who rescued the 94-year-old woman from her sinking car in Boca Raton Saturday called her and told her he was driving near her on Glades Road when he saw her take a turn into the lake. Alice said it was raining heavily and her windshield fogged and she could not see anything. 

"I said that was really heroic of you to go back in and save my life and he said, 'I did what came naturally,' and I said but I bet nobody would have done it, he said 'no, that's true' cause he kept watching traffic and nobody stopped," added Alice. 

Alice said she tried to move her car, open the windows and the doors, but nothing worked. 

"I didn't panic, I just figured well everybody has to die sometime; it's maybe my time," she said. 

But there was someone watching out for her, a man who pulled over with his three sons in the car. Alice says the water was already up to her waist when he opened her door and got her to safety. 

"He gave me my life back. I wouldn't have been here," she said. 

Alice says the man who rescued her is going out of town for the holiday weekend, but she plans on seeing him again soon.

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