Okeechobee woman, 18, charged with murdering 60-year-old man

2 men also arrested after body dumped
Posted at 5:25 AM, Apr 07, 2017

Three people from Okeechobee County were arrested Thursday after a 60-year-old man was killed and dumped along a wooded road this week.

The Okeechobee Police Department said that Robert Curtis Joiner, 60, of SE 4th St. in Okeechobee was reported missing Tuesday by his family.

Police said Joiner was found dead on that day in the 400 block of SE 32nd Ave.


Investigators believe Joiner was killed by Brandie Dailey, 18, of Okeechobee on Sunday.  Then two men, Michael Raulerson, 21, and Michael Jacobs, 35, of Okeechobee, helped her dump Joiner's body at the location, police said.

Dailey was arrested Thursday and faces first-degree murder charges with a weapon and tampering with evidence.

Raulerson and Jacobs were also arrested Thursday and face charges of third-degree felony tampering with evidence in the disposing of Joiner's body. 

Investigators have not released a motive for the killing.