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Okeechobee County residents say they're seeing more lovebugs

Posted at 11:19 PM, May 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-07 04:24:05-04

OKEECHOBEE COUNTY, Fla. — Most consider it a love-hate relationship.

Lovebugs are showing up in swarms in some communities as lovebug season is in full swing. And nearly everyone hates seeing them around.

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One local community feels they are getting hit with the pesky insects much harder than others.

Katrina Sheffield lives in the Basswood Estates community and recorded potentially thousands of the insects flying around her home.

“Instead of Alfred Hitchcock’s 'The Birds', it’s the lovebugs,” Sheffield said. “They are absolutely everywhere. It’s horrendous.”

Around the Basswood area, lovebugs stick to homes and businesses. Their carcasses are all over the sidewalk and streets.

“Around here, they’re horrible,” said Jeremiya White.

People were scrubbing their cars along several streets Monday evening.

The front of White's sister’s white car was black within one day from the bugs. “It’s bad. I hate this season."

White is not sure why their community gets such an abundance of the bugs, but pest experts say it could be because of the amount of vegetation or moisture in the area.

“Yea sadly. They’re everywhere,” said Sierra Mathews.

She and her friend Darian Parlsey played with their children outside Monday night.

“Just walk around them,” Parsley said.

This year, they feel the bugs are more prevalent than in previous years.

But, they’ve all learned some useful tricks over the years to manage.

“Purple power to clean it off. Then, use a pressure washer,” said White.

“Car washes every day,” said Mathews. “Dryer sheets help getting them off your car.”

“Use oil like baby oil and put it in a clear bowl. They’ll come to it,” said Parsley.

“Yes the bucket of baby oil does work, we’ve done that,” Sheffield said. Sheffield uses a white bucket which the lovebugs are attracted to.

The lovebug season lasts throughout May. It starts again around August and September.

Below WPTV anchor Jay Cashmere shows a cheap and easy method to clean the bugs off your car: