911 calls paint urgent picture after tornado hits Okeechobee County

Posted at 8:30 PM, Apr 09, 2017

We are hearing what it was like in the moments after a tornado with at least 100 mph winds ripped through the Fort Drum area Thursday morning. The tornado destroyed three homes and damaged 17 others.


Emergency officials took 21 calls in all, here's what some sounded like:

"The neighbors are concerned with one house here totally destroyed, and there's a lady vehicle in the yard and it's just totally destroyed," said one caller.

"And I think there's people hurt where the tornado went through. There's a tree on a house. I can't give you no address or nothing," said another caller.

"There's trees down in the campground and a man I believe who might be caught underneath is truck," said one caller.

"Leg and arms were pinched under the truck."

"I just wanted to make sure, my daughter just called and she got out of the house and there's power lines all over the road just tying to see if other people survived. But they got her out of the house. Just wanted to make sure you're headed out that way."