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Wedding ring found with ‘John' inscribed in Jupiter

Posted: 10:35 PM, Jul 05, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-06 11:04:18Z

If your name is John, you’re married, you’re missing your wedding ring, and you’ve been to Harbourside in Jupiter recently, we might know where your wedding ring is. 

Mike Pugsley was here at Harbourside Saturday when he saw something shiny and out of place. 

“I was surprised it was still there. There’s not much room for it to stay,” Mike said. 

He and his wife had just tied up their boat when he found potential trouble in paradise. A man’s wedding ring with husband and wife’s name inscribed on the inside. 

“John is the husband’s name and June 10 of 2014 is the marriage date,” he said. 

There’s more on there, like the wife’s name but whoever claims it will have to know to prove it’s his ring. 

“White gold. 14-karat maybe,” he said. 

Mike posted it the Jupiter Daily Facebook page. It generated interest, but so far, no John. 

“That’s why I asked for the husband’s name on the Facebook post because I wanted to make sure that maybe, give him a chance to find it, maybe they don’t know he lost it,” he said. 

“Help a brother out a little bit?” I asked. 


So John, if you’re out there, Mike’s got your back and ring.

“Call us John!” he said. 

John, if your wife is reading this, sorry man. 

If you think you have a lead, you can find John’s post on Jupiter Daily, or get in touch with WPTV reporter Andrew Lofholm.