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Tequesta Cove residents remain in limbo weeks after evacuation

Tequesta Cove columns
Posted at 9:58 PM, Apr 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-14 00:02:34-04

TEQUESTA, Fla. — People living in a Tequesta apartment building are without a place to call home tonight.

They were told to evacuate Tequesta Cove weeks ago and they're wanting to know just when they can return.

"They're looking at different buildings along the water and they're looking at structures and I think there might be some panic setting in," said John Napolitani, a resident and Vice President Board Member of Tequesta Cove.

We're told engineers found significant deterioration and cracking on the columns supporting the homes forcing residents in all 24 units to evacuate for their safety.

Tequesta Cove columns

"They gave people time to get their stuff out and they're allowing people to go in and one at a time, 10 minute intervals, if they have to get in for medicine or anything else," said Napolitani. "I came in to see my unit, I'm only allowed 10 minutes. I had to have the captain of the fire department come in and escort me in and make sure I'm only in there for a short period of time, for the safety of me and anybody else that's here."

Neighbors across the road say many who evacuated are staying with friends or hotel rooms.

"We would be happy to help you guys if we could just call us we're next door," said Teresa Farthing who lives in Waterway Beach, the building next door.

The Village of Tequesta says the HOA is helping residents with relocation.

"Tequesta Fire Department they have been very accommodating of all of the residents I think they've done an absolutely fantastic job with this," said Napolitani.

Tequesta Cove columns

But after three weeks there's no apparent end insight.

"Yes and then neighbors were evacuated and taken out of there and nothing has happened so I don't really know what's going on with the neighbors I feel terrible for them," said Farthing.

Residents won't be allowed to move back in until repairs are made and they'll have to wait for the all-clear from a structural engineer.

"The safest alternative I mean you want to make sure that your residents are safe," said Napolitani.

Tequesta Cove columns