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Palm Beach Co. moms join forces to help with child care during COVID-19 uncertainty

Moms step up to fill the void
Posted at 4:00 PM, Mar 16, 2020

TEQUESTA, Fla. — With many schools and day cares closed or expected to close in the near future amid the coronavirus, many families are scrambling to find care for their children.

On Monday, Constitution Park in Tequesta was filled with babysitters and family friends stepping up to fill the void.

“Both my neighbors have to work, so I’m taking care of their son,” said Megan Panton.

Panton says she didn’t think twice when she found out schools were temporarily closing for at least the next two weeks. The mom of a toddler says she is willing to do whatever she can for her friends for as long as this uncertainty lasts.

“I have a flexible schedule, and I work part time, so I was at least able to help my neighbors, but a lot of people I think aren’t so fortunate,” said Panton.

Others at the park say they too are doing what they can in a time of need.

“I usually wouldn’t work on Monday, but I’m helping out today because the schools are closed,” said babysitter Elke Klukas.

Klukas says when she received a phone call early Monday morning, asking if she could help, she knew in her heart she couldn’t say no, and on the plus side she is getting paid for her work.

“I would have cleaned my house, but I’d rather do this,” said Klukas.

Although many are stepping up and doing what they can for others, they all agree they are practicing proper hand washing techniques and heeding the CDC warnings.

Megan Panton

“I think everybody wants to be careful and be with the social distancing and not be out there, but I think helping your neighbor. We all live in the same community. If you can just help one other person. It’s not like you have to save the whole world, but just help and reach out to somebody if you have the opportunity to,” said Panton.

Many moms suggest for others looking to help or are in need of care to look at Facebook groups like Jupiter Sitters for ideas.