Some close calls from storm

Trees topple onto camper, boat in PBC
Posted at 5:58 PM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-23 17:58:00-05

It's a good thing no one was sleeping in the bedroom of Ed Irons' camper Sunday night.  

“I heard a lot of wind… then a couple of bangs… loud bangs," said Irons.

A massive tree came toppling down from Sunday’s storms not only onto Ed’s camper, but also a boat in the side yard.

“Shock and disbelief.  You can’t believe something like this could happen.  So quickly too. ”          

On the other side of Evelyn Drive, Ed’s daughter Ro showed the damage to her gazebo, and a downed papaya tree.

“It was loud.  I kept thinking, if I hear a train, I’m running into the bathroom.  But I never heard a train.  It just sounded like really crazy rain and wind," said Irons.

This neighborhood north of Donald Ross Road in unincorporated Palm Beach County took the brunt of the punishing winds.

Snapped trees litter several blocks and generators run in driveways, as power crews work through the day restoring electricity, in many cases replacing entire poles that had snapped.

“In these instances, you have to take the trees out of the way first,bring in new poles, dig holes for new poles, then get everything switched back up," said Florida Power and Light spokesman Chris McGrath.

FPL says it hopes to restore power to everyone by the end of the day Monday.