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Supply chain crisis prevents yet another business from opening on time

Posted at 5:42 PM, Dec 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-27 17:42:18-05

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — A new Palm Beach Gardens seafood eatery is experiencing delays opening due to the ongoing supply chain crisis.

"The absolute worst time to open a restaurant," said Bruce Capara.

Caprara is the General Manager of Seminole Reef Grill.

Caprara said he began building the new seafood eatery that combines Key West casual with Palm Beach elegance back in July.

Now six months later, his new restaurant has still yet to open.

"We were projected to open in November, and here we are in the middle of December," said Caprara.

He said the delays in delivery have cost him extra money.

"For my kitchen equipment for instance, we're either buying real high end because that's all that's available or we have to take even a little bit lower end just to fill the void," said Caprara.

Adding to the frustration is the struggle to hire.

"Right now there's a bidding war going on between restaurants where everybody is outbidding each other just to get staff because there is not enough staff out there," said Caprara. "I'm about to hire 95 employees, we've hired about 15 so far."

"This is a global issue," said David Menachof, Associate Professor of Operations Management, Florida Atlantic University.

Menachof said before the covid shutdowns, many warehouses were operating with a very lean supply of goods, ultimately hurting small businesses the most in the end.

"The big box retailers, they have a bit more industry power to get better prices, to get more consistent supply," said Menachof.

Caprara said he opens the restaurant by Jan. 15.

"You're getting it from every angle," said Caprara. "The cost to build out, your food cost, your liquor cost, the rent cost... We still know we're going to be successful, and we're really excited about it, but this is what's going on in the restaurant industry today."