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Palm Beach Gardens student starts national school club against gun violence

Posted at 7:13 PM, Mar 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-27 04:15:02-04

Like Key Club or Debate Team, Dwyer High School Senior Adin Segal wants another club, the National Association of Students Against Gun Violence, to be in every high school across the country.

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"Organize and focus our initiative of the millions of American students that are dying to live in a nation free from the vice of gun violence," Adin said.

Gun violence is an issue Adin said he's always been passionate about, but he didn't think he alone could make a difference.

"I felt like the time wasn’t right and I felt like somebody my age with my resources couldn’t do it," he said. "I’m thrilled to say that the students at Parkland totally proved me wrong."

Adin recently founded the National Association of Students Against Gun Violence at Dwyer High School.

"Intensive voter registration drives, education campaigns," he said.

Then, he started contacting everyone he knows who he thought would be interested in becoming part of the organization to help it spread nationally.

"We’ve been using word of mouth and it’s been pretty powerful so far," he said.

Lily Logsdon heard about the new club and started her own chapter at Palm Beach Gardens High School. 

"Within the first day we had 30 [members] and right now we had 60 and we’re hoping to get to 100 by the end of the week," Lily said.

About 20 schools in Florida are in the process of setting up chapters. Another 25 outside of the state are doing the same. 

"I got six or seven emails yesterday from people across America who are ready to set up chapters at their schools," Adin said.

The students involved hope this guides their peers who want do something on how they can actually do it.

"Giving kids the resources that they need at a very immediate level at the school so it’s easy for them," said Isana Singh, a senior at Dwyer.

Students interested in setting up their own chapter can text "NASAGV" to 81010 or check out