Friends of Corey Jones react to audio release

Posted at 10:23 PM, Jan 17, 2017

Michael Marsh and Clarence Ellington listen to their longtime friend, Corey Jones, say his last words.

“The difficult part for me is just, like a lot of people that I’ve talked to today, hearing his voice,” Ellington says.

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The newly released call starts with the AT&T roadside operator asking, “What's the address of the vehicle location?

"I'm off the PGA southbound exit,” Jones responds.

“Corey's patience is like none other. He's not going to get upset, he's not going to get frustrated. He probably would have waited another two hours before leaving his drums,” Ellington says about his friend’s demeanor.

As the operator tries to narrow down Jones' exact location, former Palm Beach Gardens police officer Nouman Raja pulls up, unidentified, appearing to ask Jones if he needs help. 

Jones says to him, “No, I'm good.”

“Really?” Raja asks.

“Yeah, I'm good.”



“I guarantee the reason why Corey moved quickly is because as he's telling the guy, I'm a grown man, and I'm telling another grown man ‘I'm okay, I'm good, he's still approaching me, I need to leave,’ and that's what Corey was doing,” Ellington says.

Less than three seconds later:

Raja repeats,  “Get your f****** hands up."

“Hold on,” Jones says.

And then gunshots.

“For me, nothing really new has sparked up. You're confirming the cold bloodedness of the guy that killed Corey,” Ellington says.

Raja told investigators he identified himself as a police officer Jones pulled a gun out, prompting Raja to fire and then call 911 before firing again. 

In the roadside call, you never hear Raja identify himself.

“As far as Raja's demeanor goes, it was confrontational from beginning and I mean you hear it and you have all these lies. One after the next,” Marsh says.

Statement from CJ Jones, Corey’s brother:

“After hearing audio and seeing the video to what happened to my brother, Corey, it was a violation to any human on this earth.  For this so-called cop to not even give my brother a chance to say who he was or why he was there means that Raja’s intentions was premeditated and he knew what he was going to do to Corey or anybody else who would have been there on the side of the road!(my opinion).

I’m all about forgiveness if justice is served cause at any point that when I talked to Corey on the phone that night did he say he was threatened of any sort.  Corey is an easy to approach kind of guy and respects everyone he comes in contact with, so for him not to get his last opportunity to do that with this so-called officer of the law, makes me furious because you took him out of his character and bullied him.  He came out and gunned Corey.  We all know Corey did not have a gun on him.  It was in his glove box and Raja knows it.  He killed my brother and we as an entire family want justice point blank!”