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Cycle Bar installs new air purifier to help shield cyclers from coronavirus

Owner of Palm Beach Gardens business says it's necessary step
Posted at 2:03 PM, May 08, 2020

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — As businesses begin to reopen their doors, owners are searching for ways to help reassure their customers will be safe.

At Cycle Bar in Palm Beach Gardens, owner Kim Hoss is ready to reopen.

"I think everyone just wants to get in here," Hoss said. "It's dark. It's loud."

Cycle Bar owner Kim Hoss
Cycle Bar owner Kim Hoss, like many gym owners throughout Florida, is ready to reopen.

She's hoping that when the governor announces gyms can reopen, riders will feel safe with the help of the Reme Halo air purifier.

"Having the Reme Halo installed in the business place will really give people a sense of confidence to return to those facilities," said Tony Julian, vice president of business development at RGF Environmental Group in Riviera Beach.

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Julian said if there is a virus in the area, the Reme Halo will destroy it.

"We know we are effective on similar envelope viruses like H1N1 and avian flu, so we have every reason to believe we would be effective on the coronavirus," Julian said.

RGF Environmental Reme Halo
RGF Environmental Group in Riviera Beach is almost exclusively producing the Reme Halo air purifier.

The device uses hydroperoxide plasma to remove any impurities from the air before going back into the conditioned air space.

Hoss said that, plus other precautions they're taking inside, should have riders shielded from coronavirus.

"If we can open and know that the air is clean and it's getting purified, that would be a huge win for us," Hoss said.

Julian said the staff at RGF has shifted their production nearly 100% to the Reme Halo device rather than other medical equipment on which they work.

He said the main goal right now is getting small business employees back to work as soon as possible.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has not announced when gyms will be able to open.