Audio released after Nouman Raja's brother interviewed by FBI

Posted at 10:46 PM, Jan 19, 2017

In new audio released from an interview between the brother of former Palm Beach Gardens police officer Nouman Raja and FBI agents, we are hearing about the impact of the other family connected to the deadly Corey Jones shooting.

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Nouman Raja is accused of shooting and killing Corey Jones who was on the side of the road with a broken down car in 2015.

Adnan Raja, who is also in law enforcement, a deputy with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, sat down with FBI agents about a month after the shooting.

In the recording just under 15 minutes long, Adnan Raja says he was on duty when he got a text saying his brother was okay, but involved in a shooting.  Adnan was in a harrowing situation himself.

“The odd thing is, umm, I had robbery suspects at gunpoint the time,” Adnan Raja told the FBI.

Adnan Raja says they didn’t tell their mom about what happened until the next day, worried it would stress her out.

The incident led to Adnan questioning if he should even remain in law enforcement.

“Do you shoot somebody, if somebody points a gun at you or do you take a bullet and make sure you have a lot of life insurance?  I’m stressed out man,” Adnan Raja says.

Adnan Raja repeated several times how stressed he was.  He says in phone conversations with his brother, they were worried someone was listening in.  He says law enforcement leaks were giving information to the press.

“Hey listen, I’m from up north man, but down here, I know police work’s different, nobody has each other’s back,” Adnan Raja says.

He says the media used that information to paint his brother in a bad light, culminating to a near situation.

“I was running detail at a Walmart and someone saw my name tag and they stopped and I said, ‘Hey listen, I suggest you keep walking,’” he recalled to the FBI agents.

The agents pressed Adnan to see if his brother ever provided insight into what happened on October 18, 2015.

“I did ask him if the guy pointed a gun at him.  He said, “he did point a gun.’”

Nouman Raja was in an unmarked van, wearing street clothes when he approached Corey Jones. He told investigators when identified himself as a police officer, Corey Jones took his gun out. But in this recent discovery release, we heard Corey Jones’ last phone call-which appears to contradict Raja’s version of events.

Nouman Raja has been charged with manslaughter and attempted first degree murder. He returns to court next month.