Attorneys for Venus Williams say she should not have to pay medical bills of crash survivor

Widow wants tennis star to pay her medical bills

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - New court documents filed in connection with the wrongful death lawsuit against Venus Williams, say the tennis superstar should not be held accountable for medical bills of a crash survivor.

In June, Williams' car and another vehicle collided with one another in Palm Beach Gardens. Williams did not suffer any injuries, but according to court records, the driver of the second vehicle, Linda Barson, broke her arm, hand, and finger.

Barson's husband, Jerome, died two weeks later as a result of his injuries. 

Police originally charged Williams for failing to yield to the Barson's vehicle, prompting a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams. 

Then, days later, armed with new surveillance video, police said Williams lawfully entered the intersection at North Lake Blvd. and Ballen Isle Drive, and were no longer charging her.

Fast forward to August, and, through court records, Williams' attorneys say the tennis superstar shouldn't have to pay "for the personal injuries of the surviving spouse" because that claim is not upheld under the Wrongful Death Statute.

They also say parts of the lawsuit cite old, "impertinent" statistics from 2015; stats which say "failing to yield the right of way are the leading causes of traffic fatalities in the state of Florida." Williams' attorneys are asking to strike these portions from the lawsuit. 

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