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Palm Beach County boy's non-profit helping people overcome dyslexia

Posted at 8:26 AM, Dec 31, 2018

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — A young Palm Beach County boy with dyslexia is not only helping others with the same reading disorder also but helping dogs find loveable homes.

Shane Herman, 11, is the founder of the nonprofit "Let's Get Booking" and through his own struggles of reading out loud, he's now focusing on helping others face their fears.

He’s doing it with a book in one hand and a rescue dog in the other

"Even when I make a million mistakes dogs don't judge you," said Herman.

WPTV caught up with Shane at a recent event at a Petco in Palm Beach Gardens, where he was reading out loud to his new furry friend.

"When I'm judged it makes me feel stupid, and it makes me feel like I'm reading all my words wrong, but when I read to dogs they are really, they really appreciate being read to," said Shane.

Shane was 8 years old when he was diagnosed with dyslexia.

"I was laughed at by many people and it felt terrible," said Herman.

Earlier this year, “Let's Get Booking” as a way to help others in the community overcome similar situations and gain confidence, but his work is now also giving rescue dogs a new life.

“All For One Pet Rescue” brings dogs to each event for the kids to read to.

"It's great social skills for our dogs. We can see how they interact with strangers with children," said Lisa Beadle, the co-founder of “All For One Pet Rescue.”

Anyone who wants to adopt a dog on the spot is able to do so.

"It's a win, win situation. The kids are learning how to read, and the dogs are getting the attention they need before they find a forever home," said Gerard Boglioli, a store leader at Petco.

Looking ahead to 2019, the organization hopes to expand and help even more people in need. They are also creating software that will allow each child to track their reading progress at each event.