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Tips to protect your pets from coronavirus

Posted at 6:42 PM, May 02, 2020

JUPITER, Fla. — Earlier this week, the U.S. saw it’s first documented case, where a pet dog tested positive for COVID-19. Local veterinarians are now offering tips to help keep pets safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the risk of animals transmitting COVID-19 to humans is low, however doctors advise the virus can still spread from people to pets in some situations. In North Carolina, a family’s pet pug recovered after testing positive and experiencing mild symptoms.

"That was an extremely rare case where it was surrounded by humans that tested positive for COVID-19,” said Dr. Lindsey Namoli said. Namoli is a local veterinarian with Furry Friends Adoption Clinic in Jupiter.

If a pet owner is diagnosed the Coronavirus, she recommends finding someone else care to care for the pet. If that is not an option, she said its best to maintain healthy hygiene practices.

“Washing hands, wearing a face mask, not cuddling with the pet, not licking the pet and really just practicing good sanitary procedures,” said Namoli.

She also advises limiting a pets interactions with people and other animals as another tip to help keep your pet safe.

“Always maintain a distance when you are walking your dog keep, them on a leash, keep them at least six away from the other person’s animals. If you have cats keep them indoors don’t let them outside at this point because the could come in contact with someone who could be a carrier,” said Namoli.

In the event your pet starts to develop COVID-19 symptoms such as respiratory signs or loss of appetite, Dr. Namoli recommends calling your local veterinarian first.

“Talk them about what’s going on, they can offer you possibly tele-medicine options or other things like that,” Namoli said.

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