Neighbors still shaken up by Jupiter shooting, police have person of interest, no arrests yet

Posted at 10:48 PM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-06 23:50:15-05
Jupiter police say they have a person of interest in the triple homicide on Mohawk Street. No arrests have been made at this time. 
Neighbors are still shaken up by crime scene tape and a mobile command center on their block. 
"It's just tragic it really is. My condolences to the families," said Thomas Jaffres, a neighbor. 
Jaffres lives four houses away from where the shooting happened Sunday night. He was getting ready for bed after the Super Bowl when he thought he heard celebratory gunshots. 
"Everyone was like fireworks, and I was like no, those were gunshots, but Patriots just won the Super Bowl so I thought nothing of it," said Jaffres.
Two women and one man in their early 20s were shot and killed at the 1105 Mohawk Street. Why? How the victims are connected? Or what they were doing are all questions still unanswered. The only thing police are saying is that this was not a random shooting.
"I have friends that apparently know them too and they are all on Facebook saying Rest in Peace," added Jaffres. 
Some neighbors say they saw a man running down the street. Police say they were was also a possible shooting Sunday night at the intersection of Via Veracruz and Paseos Way, just a mile away. They are not confirming the two incidents are related or if the injured person is connected to the triple homicide.
"These kids nowadays all they are doing is pulling out guns and shooting people. Back in the day you had a problem with someone you took it outside and you handled your business in the front yard or behind the school or whatever," said Jaffres. 
Check back for updates on this developing story.