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Neighbors say ongoing construction in Jupiter community is putting them in danger

Posted at 5:02 PM, Dec 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-14 04:17:36-05

JUPITER, Fla. — There are major safety concerns outside a neighborhood in Jupiter, and neighbors are nearing their breaking point.

Homeowners are complaining that their cars have been damaged because of ongoing construction outside their community.

"It can be dangerous, somebody is going to get t-boned right there," said Dave McGee, who's lived in the neighborhood for 30 years.

Neighbors in Woodland Estates are sounding the alarm, fearing someone is going to get into a serious accident in the front of the neighborhood.

"That’s probably the biggest fear, somebody getting killed," said resident Bob Hoffman.

Hoffman said construction on Center Street began more than a year ago. Now, cars have to slow down to get over the swale to avoid hitting bottom when entering or exiting the community.

"You go down and then you come up and then you hit the swales, so you bottom your car out," Hoffman said.

Hoffman complains making a right turn out of the community is tight and some drivers are swinging into oncoming traffic. The president of the community’s HOA sent a letter complaining to county commissioners.

"But we haven’t seen anything happening, I believe that needs to be addressed and fixed," said Pedro Mendez, whose home backs up to Center Street.

The county told WPTV it’s expanding the road and making drainage improvements. On Thursday, County Commissioner Hal Valeche and engineers met with neighbors who are demanding the job gets finished.

"My fear is somebody is going to come out they’re going to make a wide turn and he’s gonna have a head-on with oncoming traffic," Hoffman said.

Valeche admits the contractor has been a bit slow, but he said he’s still within the parameters of the contract.

Engineers told the community the road will be smoothed out, and work is expected to be complete in April.