Neighbors 'relieved' after Jupiter police make arrest in triple homicide

Posted at 12:09 AM, Mar 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-21 04:37:46-04

People who live along and near Mohawk Street in Jupiter are feeling a sense of relief after Jupiter police arrested the man they say was involved in the triple homicide in February.

For more than six weeks, residents waited for updates for police. Some were worried about their safety, even after police told them they were not in danger.


“You didn’t know if the person who did it lived next door or somewhere else,” said resident Jimmy Johnson.

Police arrested Christopher Vasata, who is now facing charges in the triple murder.

For Johnson, the arrest puts and end to some of his speculation. For others, it eases their fears.

“For me, I don’t worry too much about it. But for other people, they’ve got concerns, [they’re] scared,” Johnson said.

Nearby neighbor Jennifer Foster thought police knew early on who the shooter might be.

“I think all along, the guy they arrested, I think everyone had a suspicion that person was one of the shooters,” Foster said.

Police say there could be a second shooter they haven’t arrested.

Police continue to say there is no immediate danger even though a second arrest has not been made.

“I'm pretty sure police have eyes on the second shooter. They know who it is,” Foster said.

Neighbors want to see the attention on their neighborhood fade.

“I’m thankful for the families that they’re going to have some closure and that people can stop asking questions,” Foster said.

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