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Local moms demand change, wear orange at Roger Dean Stadium

Posted at 11:23 PM, Jun 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-03 18:29:55-04

The color orange was worn Saturday throughout the nation for National Gun Violence Prevention Day. 

The people dressed in orange at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter were hoping others pay attention to their message. 

"By wearing orange we are sympathizing with all of those that have had lives cut short or affected by gun violence," Carolina Buia Barefoot said.

Buia-Barefoot is the spokesperson for Moms Demand Action North Palm Beach Chapter and they chose to spread their message at the ball park.

"The Parkland shooting affected all of us," Buia-Barefoot said. 'It reverberated in all of our communities. We were so close to that shooting and we have banded together because enough is enough. We want to make our schools secure."

Justin Yeoward knows first-hand the affects of gun violence. His son attends Stoneman Douglas High School and was there the day 17 people lost their lives in the shooting.

"We couldn't get to him. We tried to keep up texting as much as much as we could we knew he was okay," he recalled. "We knew he was locked in a room and he was OK and then finally once we got to him, we got to him around 5:30 p.m. and just the surrounding area I wouldn't wish this on anybody it's just terrible it's one of the worst things that I've ever been through in my life."

He watched his son throw out the first pitch at Saturday's game. It's day he was thankful to have.

"Hopefully everything stays safe and quiet," he said. 

Teisha McKoy is hoping the same thing recently she had to have a tough talk with her son. 

"My little boy who is only 8-years-old was concerned that going to school he might die and then also walking in the street he might die because he's an African American male," McKoy said. 

Right now, she doesn't have all of the answers to his questions, but she says watching the violence grow has motivated her to try to make a change. 

"They have educated us on the laws and legislation and he's meeting other kids and he feels very comfortable with this group. Knowing that they're people that are taking action and I want to take action and I'm one of them."