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Jupiter drivers complain about dangerous intersection, cars collide two days in a row

Posted at 11:26 PM, Apr 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-28 00:09:45-04

Red flags are up at what some drivers in Jupiter are calling a dangerous intersection. Just this week there were two crashes on Central and University Boulevards.

People who live by the intersection say they constantly hear horns honking and screeching tires. A couple who just crashed at the intersection Wednesday describe it as confusing and dangerous.
If you're going north or south on Central Boulevard, it's a simple straight shot at a max of 45 miles per hour. But, stop signs at the east and west cross sections of University Boulevard are where drivers are getting into trouble.
"Probably too many judgment calls at one intersections for a lot of people," said Daniel Smith who lives near the intersections.
From his balcony, Smith said he's seen wrong way drivers and stop sign runners.
"I'm hearing a lot of screeching and the brakes going on," said Smith.

He's had to call 911 several times. Just this week, cars collided two days in a row. 

 "We're real lucky to have walked away from the accident without being too badly injured," said Dan Boulter in a phone interview.
Boulter and his wife Tara are out of town but said they still feel sore from Wednesday's accident. Boulter said they were driving north on Central Boulevard when another car ran the stop sign going east on University Boulevard.
"I was going 40 to 45, it's not enough time to react if someone is pulling out," said Tara who wants the speed limit on Central Boulevard reduced.
According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there have been at least 9 crashes at the intersection since last year. Two of them just last month.
"Maybe put some flashing lights or a stop light or reduce the speed limit," added Boulter.

WPTV has a request into the Town Manager and Police Department for more information on what could be done at the intersection. For now some drivers say they're skipping the intersection all together.

"I go the other way," added Smith.
Another way to avoid confusing intersections is by using traffic apps like Waze. There's a setting that allows you reduce commutes through difficult intersections.