Houston native living in South Florida helping raise money for friends, family

Harbourside event held in Jupiter

JUPITER, Fla. - Jupiter resident came together Wednesday night to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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Florida is a place where many people are from somewhere else.

"There's nothing like being however many states away from your own home, seeing all of it and being completely helpless," Angie Adair, who moved to South Florida three and a half years ago from Houston, said.

"There's no home to go home to," she said of the current state of her former city and home.

"Houston is the new Atlantis," she said.

She works for Harbourside Place in Jupiter, but Wednesday night, she worked for her friends and family back home.

"Born and raised in Houston, so I can't tell you how appreciative I am," she tells a donor.

Harbourside hosted a benefit concert with local band "33 Years" and America's Got Talent 2016 runner up Sal "The Voice" Valentinetti.

"Harbourside came together and I can't be anymore grateful," she told another donor.

"That's my dad and step-mom," she said showing another donor a picture on her iPad. "That's my whole cul-de-sac. I grew up there."

"It's like a bad movie. My dad built this house with his two hands and it's about 6 feet under water right now."

Florida is also a place of generosity, and for that Angie is thankful. If she couldn’t be in Houston, she’s happy to be here.

"My dad keeps saying he calls punkie, he's like punkie, I can't tell you how glad I am that you're not here because I don't think you could handle this," she said to another donor.

With the help of the Standup Foundation, a local nonprofit focused on mental health awareness for young people, around $4,000 were donated by members of the public Wednesday night. Harbourside will match that amount, dollar for dollar. So the total raised is around $8,000.

Calaveres Cantina also donated 10 percent of their revenue made between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Donations of physical items were also accepted Wednesday night.

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