Charles Vorpagel's father speaks about son's arrest and gunmen responsible for triple homicide

Posted at 12:05 AM, Feb 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-10 04:12:43-05
The father of the man who lives at the Jupiter home where three young people were killed speaks about the shooting for the first time. 
Just hours after police cleared out of the home on Mohawk street where two women and one man were killed in a shooting Sunday night, they announced the FBI arrested the man who lives at the home, Charles Vorpagel, 27, on federal unrelated firearm charges. 
"Of course I'm a little upset that my son got arrested but it was unrelated to this," said Jeff Vorpagel, Charles Vorpagel's father. 
Vorpagel's father was just allowed back into the home. It's unclear what his son Charles is accused of. Former FBI Special Agent Stuart Kaplan says it is likely something found in the home led to the arrest.
"When you talk about federal firearms charges it typically has to do with firearms that may be purchased in another state and then are transported here to the State of Florida to be sold," said Kaplan. 
Vorpagel's father did not give details about the federal charges against his son. He choked up saying the names of the three victims killed Sunday night. He says he knew all three. He says the shooters were not his son's friends. 
"They had nothing to do with the party. They're not friends, and they're not associates of Sean's or Charlie's," added Vorpagel. 
Vorpagel's father believes there was more than one shooter.
"They came up from the back from the waterway, the getaway car was out here," added Vorpagel.
The Jupiter Police Department is not confirming any of this information, stating the shooting is still under investigation. Kaplan says the presence of bomb sniffing dogs indicates there could have been explosive devices or ingredients such as gun power found in the home. 
"When law enforcement showed up on the scene and of course they show up on a scene and are dealing with a triple homicide, but they're also looking for relevant evidence," added Kaplan.
Vorpagel is expected to be in federal court Friday morning. The Jupiter Police Chief has reiterated the shooting was not a random act.
There is a fourth person in the hospital detectives have not been able to speak with. Since the scene was cleared in the Jupiter River Estates neighborhood, police have increased patrols in the area.