Surveillance captures Juno Beach Pier vandalism

Posted at 11:06 PM, Apr 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-06 08:25:16-04

The Juno Beach Police Department is working to identify a man seen in surveillance video vandalizing the Juno Beach Pier.

The video, recorded early Tuesday morning, shows a man walk up to the pier and spraypaint the walls and the ground. The images were not vulgar, but cleaning the graffiti will be costly.


The pier is maintained by the Loggerhead Marine-Life Center, just across the street from the pier. The non-profit group cares for sea turtles and uses mostly donations to operate.


Now, hundreds of donation dollars will have to be used toward cleanup.


“You’re just surprised because the pier is such a loved asset in Palm Beach County. At what point someone thinks this is a good idea is staggering,” said Campus Operations Manager, Bill Parker.


He says cleanup and repairs could cost hundreds of dollars. “Every day and every hour that we have to spend at the pier is hours we should be spending [at the center].”


Parker says the money could be used toward enhancing the visitor experience, or even caring for the sea turtles.


Visitors coming to the pier Tuesday to take in the view of the ocean were welcomed by a different view.


“It shouldn’t have graffiti!” said Sandra Ridel. Tuesday was her first ever visit to the pier. “It’s disappointing that someone would abuse this area,” Ridel said. “I don’t understand that mentality where someone would come destroy something that is for everyone to enjoy.”


Parker says the cameras were only installed a couple months ago. He hopes someone will know who the man is so he can repay the Loggerhead Marine Life Center for their repair costs.


If you do recognize the man, call the Juno Beach Police Department at 561-626-2100