Old Dixie Hwy. name change affects Lake Park

Posted at 11:08 PM, Jan 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-15 23:48:13-05

Google Maps is looking into a mix up in addresses in Lake Park. The historic name change of Old Dixie Highway in Riviera Beach has also inadvertently changed the street address for several businesses north of Silver Beach Road in Lake Park.

Ken Strzepka is still working on building a name for himself on Old Dixie Highway in Lake Park.

"It's way expensive for a small business to advertise so we rely on google maps," said Strzepka.

For three years his custom installation of electronics on boats and cars business just north of Silver Beach Road has being going well.

Then, in December, just 500 feet away, the City of Riviera Beach renamed Old Dixie Highway south of Silver Beach Road to President Barack Obama Highway.

"A lot of our customers they’re using their Google Maps, they’re getting confused because the maps say President Barack Obama Highway when they get in the neighborhood they’re seeing Old Dixie Highway," added Strzepka.

It's not clear why some Lake Park business addresses changed on google maps, but they did. Our Google Maps GPS got us to the right location but with the wrong street name. Strzepka says he's getting at least 5 calls a week from lost customers.

"They're wondering if we're in Riviera not Lake Park, so that's confusing cause we're so close to each other," said Strzepka.

Strzepka says the confusion as caused a 20 percent dip in overall sales.

"It's kind of scary as a small business," he said.

He welcomed the name change in Riviera Beach, but now it's affecting his business' name in Lake Park.

"If it’s going to be President Barack Obama Highway that doesn’t bother me, just put the signs up so our customer can find us. If it's not then google needs to make it right and make this Old Dixie Highway," said Strzepka.

A Google representative is looking into the address issue. A good tip for businesses, at the bottom of a Google search page there is an option to send feedback. You could use the comment box to address any concerns.