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Family of sandhill cranes makes a home in Jupiter Farms

Posted at 10:53 AM, Jun 04, 2019

JUPITER FARMS, Fla. -- A family of sandhill cranes is taking flight in Palm Beach County with a little help from their neighbors.

Recently the birds made the Publix parking lot off Jupiter Farms Road their permanent home.

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Not far away, a “Sandhill Crane Crossing” sign lets drivers know to slow down.

When a small family of the birds got in trouble near her home on 150th Court, Debra Dubinski’s husband called her right away. “He's like, 'get a box I'm coming to get you. We've got a rescue one of the baby sandhill cranes,' " she recalled.

A crane baby was caught in a fence.

“Its feet were threaded through so it wasn't just stuck through one hole it was threaded through two holes and couldn't get himself out," said Dubinski.

It took some convincing to take the baby away from mom and dad crane but the Dubinskis eventually placed the injured baby in a box and took it to Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter.

A volunteer kept it overnight.

Executive director Amy Kight said: "The bird was exhausted, it was obviously stressed, kind of shocked. We gave supportive care and by morning he was standing, active... agitated being with us."

Kight also explained what likely happened. "They are kind of awkward in their teenage phase. They kind of stumble over their own feet sometimes. They think they can do more than they can and they end up getting themselves in a little bit of trouble."

The small crane was released the same week back to its mom and dad on 150th Court.

Dubinski was very happy: “You become emotionally attached and they live in your neighborhood and you see them all the time so you can't help but love them.”

Right now the crane is walking with a bit of a limp but is moving along nicely with its parents.