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United Way of Martin County needs donated storage space for Toys for Tots campaign

'It would be nice if someone would step up,' volunteer says
Posted at 10:12 PM, Sep 27, 2021

STUART, Fla. — The United Way of Martin County needs the community's help to purchase and store toys for this year's Toys for Tots campaign.

"Every day we're getting like four boxes," said CEO Carol Houwart-Diez. "We had someone for a few years, they donated the space, and then COVID hit. They had to make a decision, a business decision."

Houwart-Diez said the nonprofit needs the space until mid-November when they can bring the toys to the Martin County Fairgrounds.

"You've got bikes, and you've got, we get small things, bigger things also. They really do need the storage," said volunteer Doris Magnuson.

"We're looking for somebody to please give us some storage space somewhere," said Germaine Alger, another volunteer.

Adding to the problem is a shortage of toys to buy.

"We know there's going to be a toy shortage and a bike shortage this year just because of shipments and supply and whatnot, so we're starting to ask people now to donate things," said Houwart-Diez.

Last year, the United Way of Martin County gave away more than 11,000 toys to nearly 800 underprivileged families.

"It would be nice if someone would step up," said Magnuson.