Hundreds of people celebrate life of Tricia Todd

Posted at 12:16 AM, Jun 08, 2016

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla-- Hundreds of people in Martin County celebrated the life of Tricia Todd in a memorial service at Christ Fellowship Church Tuesday night.

A church spokeswoman says nearly 800 people honored Todd’s life inside the church, while more than 500 people watched the service online.

Tricia Todd went missing nearly a month ago.

Weeks later, Martin County investigators say her ex-husband Steven Williams confessed to killing her.

Through thoughtful speeches, family and loved ones gave a glimpse into how they’ve been coping with this painful time.

Todd’s closest friends, siblings, father and uncle were among the people who spoke about Tricia’s deeply rooted faith, and how their faith has helped them cope.

Her sister-in-law spoke emotionally about how Tricia was someone who impacted everyone she met. “In Tricia, we have lost so much beauty. She will forever be known as a caring friend, loyal sister, passionate mother and beloved daughter.”

Tricia was a nurse, a veteran, a mother and the only daughter of eight siblings.

“Oh my goodness, Tricia’s laugh. It was a beautiful sound and anyone who heard it knew she was full of joy,” said Tricia’s sister-in-law Kristi Todd.

Her family spoke about how thankful they are they have Tricia’s daughter, Faith, to remind them of their lost loved one.

Her father also spoke with a tone of forgiveness, not allowing hate to fill his heart with regards to Williams.

As people leave the service, friends of Tricia want everyone to walk away with more awareness of domestic violence.

Jennifer Noble, a friend of Tricia’s, said people painted their pinky’s purple to show solidarity.

“Purple is the color of domestic violence. There have been so many young women who have come forward and said Tricia’s story has impacted them to remove themselves from a situation they may not have otherwise left,” Noble said.

Family and friends said they know Tricia continues to impact people after her death through awareness for domestic violence, and building many more people’s faith.

Williams is set to be sentenced later in June.