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Treasure Coast man finds algae in his backyard

Posted: 9:08 PM, Jul 29, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-30 09:03:06-04
Treasure Coast man finds algae in his backyard

When Palm City resident Jim George walks out to his back deck, he sees blue-green algae washing up near his home.

"When the tide was in the whole area in front of my seawall, it was covered with bright green algae," said George.

He's lived in this area for 40 years, but he says he's never seen the algae like this and so close to his home. 

"I'm afraid of getting in the river now, and I'm afraid of eating a fish from the river now. I used to catch snook here and eat them," George recalled.

He says he's not the only one noticing the green gunk. George says his neighbors living along the St. Lucie River are dealing with it too.

"It's affecting their property prices, and some of them are talking about moving away," he said.

For him it's not that simple. This is a place he loves, so he's going to fight for a solution and hope for the best.

"I hope our Legislatures can do something about it and get that water moving south and stop these discharges and bring the St. Lucie Estuary back to the way it was meant to be," he said.

Discharge from the St. Lucie Lock are expected to resume Monday.