The River Kidz return from Lagoon Gulf Action Day in Washington D.C

Posted at 11:32 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 23:45:17-04

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. -- They traveled nearly 1,000 miles to have their voices heard.

Thursday night, Treasure Coast residents began traveling home from Washington D.C where they were a part of Lagoon-Gulf Action Day.

It was a chance for them to speak directly to federal agencies, law makers and the big decision makers for policies related to improving the St. Lucie River.

Residents were invited to D.C by U.S Representative Patrick Murphy. “I want to remind people that we’re not here just to tell people about what’s going on, We’re here to show them,” Murphy told residents. “This is where we play, this is where the summer camps are. This is near our schools. We’ve got to make that point because sometimes it’s tough for people in D.C to actually understand that,” Murphy said.

The River Kidz were the youngest travelers to D.C. 10-year-old Jack Benson had the chance to speak directly to lawmakers. “I think it’s going to tell them that even a 10-year-old kid cares,” Benson said. 

He also says it should show that even children understand the solutions to the algae problem. “I hope that they stop the dumping and give us funds to help clean up our water.”

Evie Flaugh is also a River Kid. “Everyone of us, all the river kids, we know so much about this,” Flaugh said. “They really need to step up to the plate, because we are. We’re flying to D.C. and they need to realize how important this is to us. I think they got that,” Flaugh said.

While residents were in D.C, Murphy announced a Rally in Tally for July 26th in Tallahassee. Murphy says Governor Rick Scott has yet to visit the Treasure Coast’s polluted waterways, and wants to bring the algae to him.

The River Kidz say they’re prepared to pack their bags again to keep the momentum moving forward toward progress.

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