Surveillance video helps nab car burglary suspects

Arrests in Port St. Lucie and Martin Co.

MARTN COUNTY, Fla. - Law enforcement is issuing another reminder to lock your car doors and keep things out of plain sight.

Car burglars have been especially busy these days.  Surveillance video in Port St. Lucie and Martin County over the past week captured some suspected crooks, and the cops in action.

In both cases, the suspects were looking for unlocked car doors.  

Port St. Lucie police arrested Dennis Hansen Jr. after spotting him on video rummaging through one of several cars he's charged of entering in the area of NE Glentry Avenue and NE Emerson Street between Monday night and Tuesday morning. 

In Martin County, aerial video from the Martin County Sheriff's Office shows a man walking up to cars in the area of SW 28th Street in Palm City.  They said the man, identified as Nicolas Stasio, 19, of Palm City, pulled several car handles trying to get inside.

“I think the reason people moving toward cars is that so many people leave their car doors unlocked," said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

Snyder says the number of car burglaries is up. “With technology the way it is, the cost of phones and iPads and iPhones, I think the car is an attractive place for someone to get their hands on something fast.  They can do it at night, under cover of darkness and unless you have alert deputies and an aerial platform like we have, it’s a tough crime to catch."

Stassio was charged with attempted burglary and taken to the Martin County Jail.


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