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Stuart Walmart shopper records shoplifters stealing computers; Stuart police investigating

Posted at 11:49 PM, May 17, 2017

Stuart police are working to identify two men who they say shoplifted computers at a Walmart off Pomeroy Street and U.S 1.

The theft was captured on cellphone video by a shopper.

In the video, you hear a man, described by the shopper as an employee, yelling at a man lying in the bed of a pickup truck.

One thief is seen lying on top of two boxes, which the shopper said were computer boxes.

“Just tell him to give me the computers back so you don’t get a felony … give me the computers man,” the employee said.

Other shoppers eventually step in, one throwing a shopping cart behind the car to try to stop the driver from leaving.

The video also captured the license plate number.

Brittany Lindaas started recording the incident as she was walking into the store Tuesday.

“I heard the guy say, 'You don’t want a felony,' and that's what really caught my eye and that’s when I started videoing,” Lindaas said.

At first, Lindaas thought the driver was going to listen to the employee’s demands to give up. He appeared to be hesitant to leave, as the man in the bed of the truck was yelling at him to drive.

Stuart police say the computers were worth roughly $800.

Lindaas is hopeful her video will help lead to their arrest.

“Clearly something needs to be done about him. Someone needs to step in and tell him to knock it off or he needs to pay the time for his crimes,” said Lindaas.