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Prices at the pump continue to fall

Posted at 8:29 PM, Jun 03, 2019

STUART, Fla. - — From Boca Raton to the Treasure Coast, gas prices affect every driver’s wallet.

Prices across Florida have dropped for the 30th consecutive day, and are down 22 cents per gallon during that time period.

Inside the Delivery Dudes headquarters in Martin County, business is based on the number of orders that come in, so drivers are constantly watching gas prices.

“It’s exceptionally better for our drivers,” said Zach Burns, general manager of Delivery Dudes in Stuart.

Across Florida, prices are falling after big drops on the stock market. AAA says, on average, it will cost you about $2.57 per gallon to fill up your tank.

“It saves me on my deliveries and some businesses will charge you a gas fee...some of my delivery companies...that’s gone away,” said Mark Muller, who owns Ellie’s Downtown Deli in Stuart.

Muller says for his small business every penny counts. The deli makes about 25 deliveries a day, and Muller says saving money on gas will help during the slow season.

“This time of the year coming it and save it because summer is coming so whatever we can save to get us through summer...and I don’t have to dig into savings is great,” Muller said.

Prices in May were the lowest for the month in two years and averaged 14 cents less than May of last year. AAA says this trend will likely continue this week, and drivers are hoping it lasts much longer.

“I hope they stay down for the benefit of our drivers, it definitely helps them out and I’m sure it helps everybody else out,” Burns said.