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Mom wants fishing banned at Bathtub Beach after daughter bitten by shark

Posted at 9:16 PM, Oct 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 06:58:55-04

After being bitten by a shark in August, Violet Jalil proved she’s a fighter. She underwent surgery, receiving more than 100 stitches and is smiling through most of her hospital stay.

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Violet is full of energy and doesn't hesitate to show off her scar.  Her mom and doctor are happy with her progress after the recent attack. 

Now, Violet’s mother, Jessica Veatch, is fighting a different battle. She’s trying to prevent what happened to her daughter from happening to another child.

"They shouldn't be spearfishing or fishing from the shore at a family beach like that," said Veatch.

The concerned mom spoke with her attorney Sunday and said they won't be able to sue the fishermen, who she believes attracted the sharks to the beach. 

The fishermen never came forward about the shark attack and lifeguards did not see it. 

"They put chunks of meat on a big hook and they throw it out in the water, bringing sharks into an area where there are predominantly families with small children," said Veatch.

Now, she's putting her faith in Martin County commissioners.

In a letter, Veatch urged them to ban spear fishing at Bathtub Beach and possibly other public beaches.

"They could be spear fishing on the reef and then bringing their kill in through the swimming area because there's no rules against that," said Veatch.

Other parents sent letters as well with the same message. Veatch hopes it makes their favorite beach a little safer.

"There's plenty of other water front real estate where these people can engage in these activities without putting the public in danger," said Veatch.

Veatch learned this month that Violet will likely have to visit doctors for at least two years for therapy to ensure her growth plate wasn't impacted. 

She is also trying to set up a meeting with U.S. Rep. Brian Mast to see if there is broader legislation to be considered regarding the matter.

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