14 cars, one home burglarized along Palm City Rd. in Stuart

Three arrests have been made in two months
Posted at 11:51 PM, Oct 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-27 23:51:07-04

STUART, Fla. -- Stuart Police say thieves have broken into at least 14 cars and one home along the Palm City Road corridor since late August.

In two of the car break-ins, someone used a knife to cut into cars with rag tops to steal items inside.

Three people have been arrested.

Surveillance video on one home along Dyer Drive captured two people police are still trying to identify and arrest. They were seen trying to get inside an SUV.

Police say the two men also likely broke into a home on Dyer Road in late September while a woman and her son were inside sleeping.

The woman, who did not want her name to be published, says she woke up in the morning to get a cup of coffee.

“I felt a warm blast of air. I thought there’s a door open. I looked into the family room and sure enough the door from the garage was wide open,” she said.
She looked around to see her furniture was moved so someone could unplug and steal a gaming console. Her iPads and other electronics were gone.

“They took my wallet and I had an iPhone 5 they took, too.”

She found they cut through a screen on a garage window to get inside.

She says they didn’t seem to be in any hurry. They stopped to eat pizza out of her refrigerator.


“I just wonder what else they saw. Or how far they went into my home. Did they look at me sleeping?”

Police met with nearly 50 residents along Palm City Rd. Thursday to update them on the arrests, and show them video of the men they’re still looking for.

“When you’re entering people’s houses and using knife’s to cut rag tops that’s a bit more serious,” said Stuart Police Chief David Dyess.

Police have stepped up bike and walking patrols in the area.

They’re asking anyone who sees any suspicious activity to call 911.