Soldier surprises daughters at Hobe Sound school

Posted at 10:48 PM, Apr 05, 2016

Tuesday afternoon, more than a hundred students of the Hobe Sound Early Learning Center sit along the curb, excited to get a tour of a fire truck.

Among the group were three sisters, Lilian, Amelia, and the oldest Iliana, a second grader across the street at Hobe Sound Elementary.

But what the girls didn’t expect, was someone in a different uniform coming out of the fire truck.  Nine months and thousands of miles had separated Navy Chief Petty Officer Pete Prasad and his girls.  But not anymore.  This tour of duty in Afghanistan is over.

“It’s amazing to be honest with you. In military towns, this happens all the time they’re used to this kind of events.  But being from here it’s amazing," said CPO Prasad.

Tuesday’s reunion is actually the culmination of a year-long connection between Chief Petty Officer Prasad and the Hobe Sound Early Learning Center.  The Center sent care packages to Prasad and his fellow troops.

“I come from a long family of military service and I found out that there are a lot of guys who don’t receive anything from home," said Terry Lafferty.

Prasad took video of an elated group of soldiers as the massive care packages were opened.

“It was awesome, just look at my guys faces when they got these things.  It was appreciated," said Prasad.