Sheriff's office announces several drug-related arrests in Martin County

Posted at 10:59 AM, Dec 09, 2016

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla.-- The Martin County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday the arrest of 21 people for various drug-related charges.

Narcotics detectives have been working on a large scale drug operation for nearly a year, where undercover detectives have purchased a number of illegal drugs from local dealers in our area. Many of the dealers were found through video buys.

Heroin, LSD, crack, marijuana and Fentanyl were among the drugs the alleged dealers were selling.

“These are people on our streets constantly attacking our citizens by way of distributing dangerous drugs,” said Sheriff William Snyder.

It was part of Operation Doolittle, named by the sheriff after a World War II raid. The sheriff says they targeted 35 people in this operation.

Wednesday, detectives and narcotics teams began arresting men and women all around the county, from Jensen Beach, Stuart, Indiantown, Port Salerno and Hobe Sound.

Narcotics detective Joseph Collazo says the round up is already shaking up the drug dealing community.

“It’s quiet right now. There’s not a soul out. Everybody, I believe, is in hiding,” Collazo said.

“I think everyone that’s dealing narcotics in Martin County thinks they’re one of the few we haven’t gotten. We’ll see now if they’ve won the lottery or not,” Snyder said.

WPTV cameras were there as three suspects were arrested in Indiantown.

Arrest teams, made up of narcotics detectives, deputies and k-9 units, quickly move into the neighborhoods where their suspects have been located by undercover officials.

“It makes it operationally better for us than going after one dealer at a time,” said Snyder.

The key is to act quickly.

“Once we start making one or two arrests, it’s going to spread like wildfire that the sheriff’s office is out here,” said Deputy Matthew Fritchie. “If they’re holding drugs, they will take off running.”

One individual, Quinton Mike, 20, tried to run after he was arrested and in the transport van to jail.

Snyder says he broke his way out of the van and ran to a home near the intersection of Monterey Road and Dixie Highway.

The sheriff’s helicopter tracked and found him. He was arrested again and faces escape charges. His bond was set a $500,000.

A man who helped Mike hide, Terry Glen, 50, was also arrested.

Deputies also found a juvenile wanted out of St. Lucie County during the operation.

More arrests are expected in the coming days.