Sex trafficking on Facebook?

Posted at 11:34 PM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-21 23:34:43-05

A private Facebook group is getting some attention from law enforcement as a potential platform for prostitution and sex trafficking.

The Singles Meet and Greet group appears to be a place for people to meet and chat, but some of the posts indicate they may be selling more than just potential love and friendship.

"Just looking at this page, it could be something very much connected to sex trafficking, human trafficking, and that's very disturbing," said Sheriff William Snyder with the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

The page has some women's photos apparently posted by men and a price tag as a caption.

"Once you comment on one of the women, it seems clear from the trail that we're seeing that then they give a phone number," added Sheriff Snyder.

Some pictures have comments with a number to call Candy or Crystal, but not for any specific reason. Sheriff Snyder says it's one of the grey areas law enforcement battles every day.

"There’s no overt solicitation. There’s no case just looking at it to say 'hey this is sex trafficking," added the Sheriff.

Sheriff Snyder says forms of prostitution and sex trafficking have exploded on the internet. Backpage is one popular site law enforcement has cracked down on, but he says the crime keeps evolving.

"It continues to morph. It goes from Backpage to Facebook to Snapchat, I mean there’s just so much going on," he said. "The internet has made this whole thing fight against sex trafficking enormously complicated."

We also have a request into the State Attorney's Predator Enforcement department to find out if they have seen these types of groups pages before and if there are ways to determine if it is indeed potential prostitution or sex trafficking.